The benefit of our competence cycle (- see above –) is that the services intertwine without interfering with each other. This saves time and reduces the risk of loss of information. With such an integrated development path, as well as a good sense of ‘the big picture’, we are able to create tailor-made solutions.

Our specialists from the different fields guide your projects from the very first idea through to production. It is also possible to individually utilise our areas of expertise in order to bring your project forward according to your exact needs.


What is your current status? Where do you want to go? How do you want to get there? We support your projects strategically from the outset, ensuring that relevant trends are taken into account and your brand receives a tailor-made package. We can either work with your strategic background information or generate new insights ourselves through analysis, research and / or workshops. We distinguish between three areas in packaging strategy:

  • Packaging Innovation Strategy
    We support the various parties involved in packaging innovation by improving their strategies and processes.
  • Packaging Design Strategy
    We create new brands and brand extensions. A holistic brand and packaging design is developed on the basis of correct positioning.
  • Packaging Industry Strategy
    With our comprehensive knowledge of the products and services required in the packaging industry, we are the ideal partner for corporate and product branding.

For maximum efficiency and the use of as many synergies as possible, we have developed a system of tools. These are designed so that the various parties on our Open Innovation platform can cooperate and build projects together.

  • Packaging Wheel©
    With ratings, benchmarks and workshops, we find the right strategy through this system.
  • pacexplorer
    For reviews and inspiration, we use the Pacexplorer. Here we collect packaging samples from various categories around the world.
  • pacarchive
    The pacarchive is an extensive collection of packaging, materials and finishing effects.
  • Trend Connector
    Our TrendConnector shows you consumer and packaging trends and their influence on the packaging world.
  • Technology Tree
    Our Technology Tree is used to store and link knowledge about technologies in order to identify potential future scenarios.


An excellent brand and packaging design is based on the understanding of brands and their environment as well as their consumers’ emotions and desires. With a lot of experience and sensitivity, we will be able to create and unfold your unique brand message. Our expertise includes:

  • Brand development
  • Packaging design in 2D and 3D
  • Corporate branding
  • Consumer branding
  • Functional and form design
  • Individually implemented prototypes and small batches

A complete emotional impression develops when you have the chance to grasp something with your hands. Therefore, market potentials can be validated in a special way using individually implemented prototypes and small batches. For marketing meetings, consumer tests or trade show presentations, we can provide you with custom-made, high-quality packaging complete with a variety of finishing effects.


The project managers in our agency are experts in capturing the requirements and specifics of different materials, technologies and processes. They evaluate these in order to implement solutions that optimally position your product. We can support you with all packaging enquiries and innovation projects, specialising in the introduction and further development of your products. We work from Hamburg, but depending on the request, can also work directly at the location of the event. Whether we are working with brand owners, corporate groups, medium or small companies, material or machine manufacturers or packaging processors, we can provide:


  • Project management and technical key accounting
  • Process optimization:
    • Harmonization
    • Efficiency improvements
    • Value creation optimization
    • Packaging optimization
    • Sustainability management
  • Finishing effects advice
  • Colour management
  • Packaging studies and workshops


Through many years of experience in a variety of areas of related industries, the colleagues in our realisation team can bring packaging solutions to life. Our customers appreciate the efficiency with which our packaging engineers and experts work. This is made possible through direct access to all pacproject competencies. The realisation department also includes the Technical Account Management (TAM). Our experts function as the central point of contact for our customers when their key accounts require support. Our packaging expertise includes the following:

Pacproject is your partner for:
Packaging & Strategy:
We create the packaging solutions that ideally match the market trends, your sustainability goals and the perfect positioning of your products!
Packaging & Design:
We communicate the advantages of your products perfectly via the shape and design of packaging!
Packaging & Trends:
We analyse the relevant trends for your products and offer packaging concepts that optimally serve these trends!
Packaging & Branding:
We lead your products through our brand design to more awareness!
Packaging & Innovation:
We develop the outstanding packaging solutions for your products of tomorrow!
Packaging & Consulting:
We develop and specify your packaging to ensure process stability, product protection & sustainability and we will find the right supplier!
Packaging & Optimization:
We analyse your packaging and improve e.g. product shelf life, packaging speed, complexity, material costs, sustainability, etc.
Packaging & Technology:
We develop the most efficient process for manufacturing your packaging and packing your products!
Packaging & Process:
We create specifications, identify suitable machine manufacturers and procure machine offers for your filling technology and logistics processes!
Packaging & Realization:
We take over the complete project management for the implementation of your new packaging up to the production release!
Packaging & Sustainability:
We show you the ways and solutions for packaging that holistically minimize the negative environmental impact of your products!
Packaging & Circularity:
We make your packaging recyclable (design for recycling) and optimize your recycling costs!
We are your answer to all packaging-related challenges!